They provide pronounced service second to none, go above and beyond, delivered to us in the off hour, and on weekends when we were in desperate need. Excellent account management and outstanding service. We go to no other providers for our chemicals.

Stephen Daigle, Supervisor/Planner at CEDA

Preparing for Summer!



The sun is finally shining and that means the pool industry is gearing up for a busy summer.

At Anchem, we have been preparing for the season by updating our sodium hypochlorite delivery schedules, doing tank inspections (to make sure customers are ready for their first load), sharing safety information (including new WHMIS 2015 Safety Data Sheets) and installing new sodium hypochlorite tanks. By now you have either spoken to Kelsey, Brooke or Ernesto.

Brooke is our Customer Service Representative responsible for all bulk sodium hypochlorite deliveries. Many of you will know Brooke from working with her last season. Brooke works hand in hand with Garry our Operations Manager to keep our customer tanks full.

Ernesto is our Maintenance Specialist. If you have a sodium hypochlorite tank from Anchem you have likely met Ernesto. During the season Ernesto assists our customers to keep their systems working smoothly. In the off season, Ernesto inspects tanks, takes care of maintenance and installs new systems.

New this year, Kelsey is serving as the Anchem representative for most of our pool customers.  After attending the pool show and buying group shows this year, Kelsey has learned what a dynamic and involved customer group our pool stores are. If you are in the pool industry and have not yet met Kelsey, please contact us and Kelsey will be glad to schedule a visit.

As you prepare for the season, let us know if there is anything we can do to make start up easier for you.

If you are in the pool industry and we aren’t working together yet, there is still time for us to get things rolling.  For a full list of the products we provide to the swimming pool industry click here.