Our Story

Excellent company to do business with on an ongoing basis. Staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. Standard delivery days help in planning.

John Lawson, Office Manager at Kelcoatings Limited

Anchem was opened in 1994 by Henry and Erica Vieira to fill the need for “just in time” chemical supply in the London and surrounding area.

Anchem continues to operate with the leadership of the Vieira family.

Through a focus on relationship building, Anchem became known for being responsive and willing to work with their customers and suppliers to achieve mutual success and to find opportunities that encouraged growth. Anchem grew steadily, expanding into a variety of product areas including specialty blending, geothermal fluids, and custom packaging.

In early 2004 Anchem adopted the slogan “Customer Service is our business, chemicals just happen to be what we sell.”

With this mindset, growth and diversification of services and product ranges naturally progressed. Essential services were added to meet the needs of our diverse customer base. Today, the services that are offered include tank installations and monitoring, private labelling, specialty blending, as well as bulk and packaged delivery.

Excellent company to do business with on an ongoing basis. Staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. Standard delivery days help in planning.

John Lawson Office Manager at Kelcoatings Limited

Moving into 2014 the family began executing it’s succession plan to ensure the company’s continued stability. The succession process was designed to ensure the continuation of existing relationships, while fostering sustainable growth. This ongoing commitment has led to the strengthening of the Anchem Family.

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Sherman Vieira (son), Dale Richards (grandson), Giselle De Melo (daughter), Henry Vieira (founder), Marissa Cutts (daughter), Brooke Richards (granddaughter)

The Anchem Family is not just the Vieira family who remain actively involved in the business but an entire professional team who share in the original vision and core values on which the company was built. The Anchem Family includes our staff, customers and suppliers, as we all work together to create success.


“Safety first” is not something we just say, it is our top priority when making any and all decisions. The most important responsibility we have is to ensure the safety of our team and yours. Anchem has been actively involved in safety programs and have helped with the development of Best Practices for Geothermal and Pool Retailers.


To Anchem, Responsibility is about doing “what’s right” and partnering with people who have the same belief. From our initial interaction with our customer through to the delivery of product and into the future, responsibility continues to be our commitment. Anchem is verified through Responsible Distribution Canada, ensuring that we are Responsible to our team as well as yours.


Our Commitment is demonstrated through the delivery of quality products and services, relationship building, as well as our participation in programs such as ISO and NSF. Most important is our commitment to continuously improve.