Excellent company to do business with on an ongoing basis. Staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. Standard delivery days help in planning.

John Lawson, Office Manager at Kelcoatings Limited

Anchem has invested to ensure that our team has the technical knowledge and regulatory know how to be able to support your business.

If you need help with a new regulation, or guidance on selecting the correct product is what you’re looking for, we are here to help. We’ve built our business on Safety, Commitment and Responsibility so we can support you.


CSR Team – Jennifer Finkenzeller, Marissa Cutts, Brooke Richards, Tina Henderson

Our business is all about relationships.

To our team, that means getting to know you so we can always be ready to help.

To ensure that your unique needs are understood, our customers are provided with a Sales Team and CSR Team member for their account. This is just one of the things we have put into place to make sure that you experience the highest level of service possible.


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