Henry Vieira

It means the world to me that I am treated as if I am the biggest customer. The family feel of Anchem is second to none. I don’t price around because I know that no matter the price, the value is with Anchem.

Aaron Verstraete, DARK Energy Solution Inc. Owner

It’s the team you work with that makes all the difference.

In 1994 Henry Vieira, the Co-Founder and CEO of Anchem, and his wife Erica, started a small chemical distribution business that is now everything Anchem is today.

This venture soon outgrew his original goals due to diligence and a focus on customer service. Henry started his career in Chemistry in 1962, as a Quality Control Chemist for a sugar factory in Barbados. Now, in his mid-70’s, Henry is still overlooking operations while being semi-retired and transitioning Anchem to the next generation.