It means the world to me that I am treated as if I am the biggest customer. The family feel of Anchem is second to none. I don’t price around because I know that no matter the price, the value is with Anchem.

Aaron Verstraete, DARK Energy Solution Inc. Owner

A New Look

A new look on the same commitment to quality and service that you’ve come to know us for.

As the second generation of Anchem we are proud to be continuing to build on the legacy of excellence and customer dedication started by our founders.

Our new logo, while keeping us tied to our water treatment roots, reflects who we are today. A partner with a diverse offering of products and services, delivered with a focus on quality and service. You will be seeing our new logo on documents, labels, trailers and promotional materials more in the months to come as we complete this transition.

Another new item we are happy to introduce is the Anchem web site. You will now have instant access to product information and Material Safety Data Sheets. The new site will be easier to navigate from any platform, and has new search features.

We have also taken some time to let you know more about what we like to call “The Anchem Family”. Anchem was started by Henry and Erica has now grown to include an amazing team of dedicated employees and in some cases their families as well. A big part of the Anchem Family is our Customers and we are so proud to get to share with you testimonials and photos of these customers on our new website.

As a part of our new site, we will be publishing blogs regularly to keep you up to date with new happenings in your industry and at Anchem. We will have different team members contributing, so that we can share a wide range of interesting topics.

We have had a fantastic time working on this site with tbk Creative, and hope that you will take a moment to have a look around and meet the team.

Since this is your site as much as it is ours, we can’t wait hear what you think!